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The Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys for Couples

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December 9, 2022

Sex Toys for Couples—Because Toys Aren’t Just for Solo Time

Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys for Couples

Let’s face it: Adding a sex toy to the mix with a partner for the first time can be a little intimidating.

Though most of us associate sex toys with solo use, that’s often not the case. In fact, sex toy use appears to have increased over the past decade as the stigma around using toys solo or with a partner has dissipated.

According to an article in Psychology Today, “couples who can explore novel ways of being intimate — including trying out one or more sex toys — tend to fare better in terms of maintaining passion and desire.”

When it comes to intimacy, dirty talk and mutual pleusure may be the stars in your playbook. But if you’re in a long-term relationship, you may also be ready to take the current routine to new heights. So, how else can you light up the erotic energy? Sex toys for couples are a good place to start. (That vibrator stashed in your nightstand for alone time isn’t the only way to play.)

But opening this proverbial door can feel murky for some couples, whether it’s due to lack of experience, nerves, or even shyness. So, how do you, well, begin? “Be patient with each other. Don’t force it,” says certified sex therapist, and Adult Luxury’s owner “Sex toys are about having fun and learning about what feels good for you and your partner.”

Adult Luxury’s owner puts couples adult toys into categories to make it easier to choose what ever the mood or craving…click here to see our collection page.

In the spirit of demystifying couple’s play, we’re breaking down the best places to start for beginners, starting with the shame-free and sex-positive options from Adult Luxury’s collections—the brand on a mission to make sexual wellness fun and empowering.

Once you start experimenting, keep the dialogue open and honest with your partner. “It’s easier to talk about sex toys with partners when someone speaks about it from how it helped them feel versus what it is supposed to do—especially if one partner is more experienced than the other,” advises Adult Luxury’s owner. From there, it’s all about consent—how and where the gadget will be used—whether you’re using it as the star of the show or for foreplay. Get ready to turn up the heat with the picks below.

How To Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship CLICK HERE

How To Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship
Keep scrolling and find the best sex toys for couples that will boost your erotic connection, together.

Easy toys to start experimenting with:

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator For Duel Satisfaction

Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator, exclusive luxury edition range.

Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.

This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.

Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.

The luxury couples massager has 10m long distance control to bring additional features to your intimate experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.

Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control.

Click here to shop the Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator


The top selling women’s vibrator of all time, now available for couples to enjoy together

Satisfy your women like never before with 12 orgasmic vibrating modes to choose from.

The BANENU Unify-Us Couples Rabbit would became your favorite go to toy for couples intamacy sessions. With 2 powefull motors and 12 different vibration and a remote control for hands-free play.

Satify her like never before! Let the rabbit ears send her clitoris in orgasm heaven while the shaft stimulate both partners with intense vibrations at the same time!

Pleasure, fun, massager,stimulator

Spice things up in the bedroom, reconnect, bring the spark back!

Surprise your lover with a toy that will benefit and satisfy both parties.

The BANENU Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator is silent and suitable for playing anywhere discreetly.

With the remote control for hands-free fun, it will ad exitment and pleasure for for both partners. During sex she wears it inside her while he is making love to her, the vibes will stimilate both partners and can easily be adjusted with the remote control. Click here to shop

Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

Swan couples vibrator with remote. Couples intamacy sex toy

The Swan is a premium couples massager that is worn by women when making love to a partner. It can also be used for solo play by women or in couples play to tease and satisfy each other with. Bring exitment back into the bedroom or enjoy private puplic play for the adventures couples.

The Swan : bringing extreme pleasure and orgasmic vibrations to both partners. The Swan adds even greater intimacy to lovemaking with amazingly powerful and silent vibrations.

The Swan has 12 different vibration functions to be explored with a simple touch of the push buttons. Varying from titillating pulsations to a single speed buzz, there’s plenty of stimulating options for you and your partner to enjoy.

Select your favourite vibration setting or combination and insert the thinner curved end inside the vagina, bending the larger extension so that it sits externally against the clitoris.

The Swan can also be used for anal play due to the shape and flexibility.

Operated by remote control or at the touch of a button, its 12 modes guarantee incredible sensations in the simplest package, and it can even be charged via a USB port for more convenience on those romantic getaways. Meanwhile, fully waterproof versatility adds excitement to the shower or hot tub and ensures safe and easier cleaning.

The Swan comes presented in a beautiful gift box and USB charging cable and Adult Luxury’s 1 year warranty included.

Always use this couples vibrator with a generous amount of water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury for best results!

Click here to shop Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

Diversion™ Couples Sucking Vibrator

Diversion™ Couples Sucking Vibrator

Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator

Around 80 percent of women aren’t able to climax from penetrative sex alone, this couple vibrator is designed to combat that and stimilate the clitoris.

Worn in the vagina, it curves around to hug your clitoris. It vibrates at different speeds and patterns, meaning that you can enjoy sex in pretty much any position while being assured clitoral stimulation.

Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator is a really easy way to make sure that your sex life is consistently satisfactory and ends in mutual climaxes. It’s also remote controlled, so you can adjust it during sex without having to pause and look for the buttons – which would be a bit of a mood killer.

8 Frequency Vibration Modes

The Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator has 8 powerful different rhythmic vibration modes to choose from simply flick thru them with the remote till you find the one that gives you the best vibes! Click here to shop.

V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties Vibrator

V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties Vibrator

The V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties Vibrator will literally rock your body all day and night.

V-Vibe® aka the ‘sneaky’ couples sex toy. As the name implies, you can sneak this unique toy anywhere. Play with the remote toy anywhere, anytime! Insert the V-Vibe into your favorite pair of underwear….and let the games begin! Give your man the remote and power to satisfy you from a distance.

The V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties Vibrator can be used solo, or for secret fun insert them into your favourite panties and take erotic play to a new level. It can be universally attached to any underwear, so you can turn your fanciest pair of undies into a pair of vibrating fancy undies. The two-piece kit comes with a remote control and a 9-function vibrator, specially designed to hit your clitoris at all the right angles. The contoured design has ridges for more stimulation, and wings (like a maxi pad) help attach the device to the underwear of your choosing.

The Vibrating Panties Vibe is made out of premium medical grade silicon, and is FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties is a luxury sex toy for women or for couples to enjoy together.

With the Vibrating Panties Vibe ergonomically designed whisper-quiet vibrator, you are able to experience the ultimate in teasing foreplay. Using a remote control, your partner is able to navigate through 9 differing pulsating patterns as well as a variety of intensity levels – taking you from slow and steady to quick and wild in a matter of seconds.

With twice the power of its predecessor and boasting 9 vibrating modes, this pebble vibrator enhances play with strong vibrations and pleases every sense…

Shop the V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties: Click here

Aim to Please Double Vibrating Cock Ring

Aim to Please Double Vibrating Cock Ring

For connoisseurs of sex, Aim to Please™ Double Vibrating Cock Ring is one of the most sophisticated vibrating couples’ ring in the world, offering you both the most thrilling and intense pleasures. Boasting 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind, the smooth silicone design comfortably fits all sizes, bringing a long-lasting presence to you and amazing sensations to your partner.

Can be purchased with or without a remote ( select your option above)

Vibrating cock rings are a popular couples sex toy because they add a buzzy new aspect to what heterosexual couples are typically already doing (having penetrative sex!). They can help a partner with a penis maintain a strong erection, and the vibration gives women the clitoral stimulation many need to achieve a orgasms.

The Aim to Please™ Double Vibrating Cock Ring will do as the name suggest and please your partner in ways they can not imagine! If your aim is to satisfy your partner, this is the cock ring for you! Click here to shop

The Elegance Smart Wand.

Elegance 360° Rotating Vibrating Wand

Magic Sex Wand and Body Massager : The gift that keeps on giving powerful, insanely awesome orgasms.

The wand is the clit-whisperer. No matter who you are or what you like, almost every woman will agree that a wand vibrator is the best thing in the world.

The Elegance Smart Wand is the ultimate luxury sex wand. It is supremely versatile and can be used to spice things up in the bedroom or as a personal full body massager.

The Elegance Smart Sex Wand is one of the most sophisticated wands on the market worldwide and is of the highest quality. Embrace your most intimate parts with this high quality premium silicone massager. For more information : Click here

Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator

Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator

Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator :

Embark on an intense erotic encounter with the Adult Luxury’s Vibrating Exotic Panties from our Premium Whistle Collection. Slip the exotic vibrator onto your pearl, then pass the control to your lover and let them pleasure you with the 12 speeds and 8 patterns.

Whisper-quiet and remote controlled, the panty vibrator offers utter discretion even on the strongest tier of sensation. Relax into bliss as your lover flicks through the settings from up to 12 meters away.

A small opening in the back of the case can fit the width of the USB cable for discreet charging.

Adult Luxury is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by top sex toy manufactures with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

Please note: While the vibrator is waterproof, the remote control is splashproof only and should be kept out of water.


WeJoy® Remote Controlled

WeJoy® Remote Controlled we-vibe couples sex toy

The gift of pleasure!

Introducing our special limited edition and Couples Vibe Pro the WeJoy®! Have fun like never before with this dynamic duo, limited edition Couples Vibe in an attractive, discreet play case; and is great for travel too!

Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Couples Massager, exclusive imited range.

Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.

This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.

Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.

With high-quality rechargeable vibrators it can be enjoyed solo or used with a partner – certain to please anyone open to sexploration.

The dual-stimulation Sync offers great pleasure options for any couple looking to use toys together, designed with a slender neck so it can be worn during intercourse, with powerful rumbly vibrations and an adjustable fit that lets you stimulate the G-spot and clitoris with your preferred pressure level. Rotate and use the ridges for more pin-point vibration, if that’s the way you like it.

The WeJoy® Couples Pro Vibe has been updated with improved charging, battery and control button. The flat end is great for varying pressure and enjoying more diffused or pinpointed stimulation.

Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control. CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Begginer Foreplay Toys

Indulgence Rose Licking Vibrator

Indulgence Rose Licking Vibrator

This 3 in 1 Premium Rose Multifunctional Vibrator Will Bring You To The Unlimited Climax.

The vibrator has 2x vibrating heads and a licking function. The rose head will satisfy your clitoris with orgasmic pleasures with licking and vibration functions. The tail part can be inserted into the vagina for heavenly G- Spot stimilation. Or be used for anal pleasures.

It is easy to operate and be used seperatly or together and can be controlled by different buttons. It can be used at the same time or alone, so as to stimulate the G-Spot, clitoris, nipples, breasts, anus and other sensitive parts in all directions, offering you duel stimilating where you choose.

9 Powerful Modes

The rose vibrator has 9 different licking modes and 9 different vibration modes. With different vibration and tongue licking speeds to choose from.

Unique and Elegant Design

The unique and elegant design of the Indulgence Rose can bring out a romantic atmosphere and give you a dreamlike feeling. At the same time, you can put it as a rose artwork on display, no one knows its true purpose, thus eliminating the embarrassment if the kids find it.

USB Magnetic Charging

The Indulgence Rose vibrator comes with a fast charging magnetic USB cable, which can last for 65 minutes after charging for 2 hours

Exquisite Gifts for Lovers

This vibrator is beautifully designed and packaged by Adult Luxury. You can buy her flowers and put the rose inside as part of the display to give it to your lover. It will definitely be a big satisfying supprise!

100% Waterproof

The 100% waterproof design of this luxurious vibrator makes it easy to clean and use, adding more underwater entertainment to you, bringing you unlimited comfort, and worthy of your trust and possession. Click here to shop

Beginner Forplay Toys

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM

One of the latest and most exotic toys on the market, Adult Luxury is proud to present our clients with the opportunity to ad the the new Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM to their toy box.

Compared to most of the other vibrators we have, this one is the most unique. Plus, unlike the previous older models, there is no actual tongue to speak of here… not even a little one. What we do have, however, is a stimulating “egg”, surrounded by dozens of vibrating little nubs, to enhance your masturbatory experience and push it to the next level.

Together, these design features are meant to provide you with a realistic, authentic sensation of having your pussy licked by an eager and willing tongue… and the good news is that you can “lick” yourself at 9 different speeds. Who said masturbation is sad and lonely?

You don’t even have to limit yourself to using it on your clit, you can enjoy it on your nipples, or you can use it on your partner’s balls or taint, you can engage in some assplay, etc.

COMFORTABLE MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE – This one of a kind tongue vibrator is made from easy to clean, hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone that feels soft against your skin and most sensitive areas.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The ergonomic design comfortably fits in your hands and massages your body’s gentle curves. The cup-shaped tip surrounds your clitoris, increasing arousal until you reach a very intense climax.

POWERFUL TUNGSTEN STEEL MOTOR – The motor is both powerful and quiet. It runs at a low volume below 40dB and reaches an impressive 7500 rpm. It delivers intense vibrations with every touch as it gives you an intensely stimulating massage.

INTENSE TONGUE-LIKE FLICKING – Giving the lifelike feeling of a tongue, the cup shaped tip rubs and massages your clit with its many flexible nubs on your most sensitive areas; giving you lasting and intense pleasure.

MULTIPLE VIBRATION MODES – Let your fantasies run wild as you explore all of the 9 unique vibration modes to experience intense pleasure and satisfaction.


Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Vibrator

Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Vibrator

Vibrators may be the obvious sex toy, but there’s a whole new crop of pleasure-makers that will blow your mind (and body).

Introducing : Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Clit-Tongue Vibrator, that use a moving tongue and vibration to directly stimulate your clitoris or anywhere you wish to play.

If you’re looking for all-in-one bliss, look no further than the Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Vibrator.

Rose Pleasure Tongue for Her. With orgasmic licks and a 10-function G-spot vibrator for a handle, this toy offers all the best of sexual stimulation.

Perfect for singles and couples alike, this licking tongue vibrator looks and feels just like a real tongue. The tongue vibrator is miniature in size so that it can be transported easily. The soft silicone tongue makes real life licking motions – it’s a completely unique alternative to the traditional vibrator. The vibrator offers 10 speeds to select from, is waterproof and equipt with the latest USB base charging technology.

Since it weighs less than a killigram and is the size bid your palm , it’s perfect for travel — so you’ll never have to be without an orgasm again. Click here to shop

The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand🔥The Vibe Luxury Heating massage sex Wand

The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand elevates the pleasures of a sex wand massager to a multidimensional erotic stimilation orgasm machine.

In addition to the 9 vibrating and pulsating massage patterns designed to optimally excite, the silicone Vibe Heating Wand features a gentle warming effect that slowly heats the silicone wand head to a pleasurable, body-safe temperature.

The Vibe Heating Wand can be used with the warming and vibrating modes enabled together or one at a time.

The Vibe Heating Wand this boasts extra-powerful settings (which is the entire point of getting a wand, honestly)

If you’re looking for power in your sex toys, then you won’t do better than a trusty sex wand massager from Adult Luxury. Click here to shop

For Advanced Couples That Have Used Toys Before But Want To Explore

Joie De Vivre

Joie De Vivre couples g spot and clit vibrator


Sucking clit G-Spot vibrator for her and couples remote control

For solo fun or for couples to enjoy together. G-Spot and Clitoris stimulation. Strong vibrations with 10 different modes to choose from and 10 different intensities sucking modes to be used separately or in combination with each other. Can be controlled manually with buttons on the vibe or with the remote control for hands-free play.

Play with the remote toy anywhere, anytime! Insert the Joie De Vivre into your favorite pair of underwear….and let the games begin! Give your man the remote and power to satisfy you from a distance. Click here to shop

you’re looking for a realistic dildo, this is the one!

Yet another outstanding product from Our Real Feel Collection, The Real Cock boasts a solid core and soft silicone outer layer that feels just like a real penis. Features real life blue veins, finished with a lifelike head, shaft and balls this 18cm cock promises authentic satisfaction inside and out.

With its smooth head, raised veins and bulging balls, this dildo has taken inspiration from mother nature when it comes to making an awesome arousal tool. Made from the best platinum silicone unique lifelike material, 100% body safe, we challenge you to find a dildo that feels more real than this! Click here to shop


The Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock Ring

The Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock Ring

Features & details

  • Double Ring- This strechy double ring stretches comfortably around the base of the penis and testicles and help enhance erections and pleasure.
  • Multi-purpose – This cock ring keeps the guy harder for longer while hitting just the right spot for clitoral stimulation.
  • Enhance the size of his erection.
  • Delay edjeculation
  • Super Powerful Motor – Strong motor with 9 speed modes which allows to experience various levels of sexual pleasure.
  • Remote Controlled
  • USB Rechargeable – The cock ring and remote can quick charging and long-term usage give you steady stream of stimulation.
  • 100% Premium Silicone – Made of body safe silicone that is super stretchy to accommodate any size.

Click here to shop

Love Potions:

CBD Unisex Water-Based Lubricant

CBD Unisex Water-Based Lubricant

Combined with our secret aphrodisiac blend toghether with Cannabis this lube heightens sensation, increase arousal, boost libido, enhance sexual pleasure, improve sexual performance, sexual arousal and improves dryness. Click here to shop

CBD Euphoria Premium Lubricant Oil (Unisex)

CBD Euphoria Premium Lubricant Oil (Unisex)

Cannabis affects sexual desire directly in the brain. A study of cannabis users found that cannabis activated the part of people’s brains that controls sexual arousal. The authors concluded that using cannabis may be helpful for people with a low sex drive. Click here to shop

CBD Bliss Masage Oil

CBD Bliss Masage Oil

When outside stress creeps into the bedroom, don’t put off sex and intimacy any longer–tame it and reclaim your sexuality with CBD Bliss Masage Oil. Enhanced with 600mg of US-grown organic CBD–the non-psychoactive cannabinoid many people count on to help with anxiety, pain and discomfort.

This blissfully sensual massage oil is infused with CBD oil, derived from Hemp, which is a member of the Cannabis Sativa Plant Genus – rich in fatty acids and known for its natural moisturising properties.

Combined with our secret aphrodisiac blend toghether with Cannabis this lube heightens sensation, increase arousal, boost libido, enhance sexual pleasure, improve sexual performance, reduce anxiety, and improves dryness.

With added benefits of Ylang-ylang essential oil as ingredient it is a good massage oil for sexual stimulation and associated with feelings of euphoria. Ylang ylang is known as one of the most powerful essential oil aphrodisiacs because it influences sexual energy and enhances relationships. It also help with impotence and a low libido because, it supports the circulatory system.

Futher more the CBD Massage Oil has 100% premium rose essential oil in that supports the circulatory system, and blood flow to the nether regions is crucial for sex. At the same time, it’s a very sensual and romantic scent that science indicates is emotionally uplifting.

The premium rose oil also dereases anxiety and stress. It has antibacterial, antifungal properties and stimulates sex drive. Click here to shop

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