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Privacy Policy

For your security, we don't take any credit card numbers over the phone or by email. If you pay via credit card, our secure site will take you to our 3rd party payment page for you to enter your card details after selecting the “Place Order” button. 3D secure payment confirmation will also happen here. Upon completion you will be taken to the order confirmation page.

3D Secure? What's That?

It's an authentication system that adds an extra layer of protection against fraud. All South African banks use 3D SecureCode to protect their clients, which is great for us but not so good for credit card fraudsters.

To activate your Secure Internet Shopping, contact your Bank to activate your Credit Card with 3D SecureCode. You can usually do this on your online banking system. You will need your cellphone handy as your Bank will contact you via SMS with your Secure Code.

Proof Of Payment

If you are paying by credit card, there is no need to send us proof of payment - it happens automatically. If you are paying by EFT or direct deposit, please email your proof of payment to [email protected]. If we do not receive your POP we will wait until your payment reflects on our bank statement. (This may take up to 3 days, depending on your bank.) If payment is made in a Foreign currency, we will need it to clear in our account before we can process your goodies!

Can I Pay COD?

We outsource delivery to third party couriers, so they cannot accept payment. All orders need to be paid for before they are dispatched, so Cash On Delivery is not possible.

Fraud & Security Checks

We do strict fraud checks to prevent criminal and fraudulent activity, as well as using 3D Secure to reduce fraud. We report all fraudulent activity to the necessary officials.

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