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How to Clean a Masturbator

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October 23, 2022

How to Clean a Masturbator – a step-by-step guide and shopping guide.

Masturbators come in all kinds of varieties, from expensive and long-lasting to cheap and disposable. Whatever type you go for, you’re likely going to want to use it more than once. Caring for pocket pussies or masturbators doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s beneficial if you build yourself a little cleaning kit and routine to be second nature after nature calls. Here you’ve got a simple step-by-step guide on how to clean a masturbator. Make sure to share it or save it, so you can look back on it if you have any questions. 

The simple steps for cleaning a masturbator are:

1) Rinse it out with high-pressure warm water

2) Apply toy cleaning over the entire toy inside and out. Click here to buy toy cleaner.

3) Rinse away the spray with warm water

4) Allow to air dry completely, turning it inside out if necessary

5) Apply cornstarch as needed to keep it feeling new

6) Store out of direct sunlight in a safe and dust-free environment.

The steps are easy. But there is a little more to it that you ought to know before starting your cleaning process.


Rinse with Luke Warm Water
Wash With Toy Cleaner
Rinse With Water And Dry
Air Dry Before You Put It Back In The Case

Do I need to clean my masturbator?

Absolutely. Masturbators are made from porous material 99.99% of the time. Porous means bacteria, skin cells, and other material will build up inside the microscopic pores. The build-up will cause them to mold and deteriorate over time and use. 

You can protect yourself and your investment by taking proper care of your masturbator from the day you bring it home. 

Do I need to clean my masturbator after every use?

Yes. It’s not only about hygiene but about the shelf life of your masturbator. If you leave your body oils to sink into the delicate surface, you can cause irreversible damage. So wash it after every use. 

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it’ll quickly become second nature. 

What are the types of masturbators?

There is a type of masturbator for every penis owner out there. They range from high-priced and automatic to inexpensive and manual. Masturbators are designed to help you enjoy your masturbatory experience more. 

The main types of masturbators that we’re talking about are: 

Pocket pussies: These often are designed to have one end resemble a vaginal opening or a mouth. They’re soft on all sides. You can control the tightness of the pocket pussy based on your grip. They all have unique interiors and are often low-cost. 

Fleshlights: Fleshlight is a brand name product created by the Fleshlight company. But many people use it as a general term for their masturbator products. Fleshlights are unique in that they have three parts 1) the soft internal tube meant to create a realistic vaginal, anal, or oral experience 2) a plastic housing that the soft flesh-like tube goes in, 3) removable caps at both ends to store the product away and control the tightness of the flesh-like tube.

Automatic masturbators: these come in a massive variety we won’t cover in detail here. But, in short, they’re often similar to the Fleshlight type of design. However, they contain motors and special controls so that you have complete control over your masturbatory experience. 

There are plenty more pleasurable iterations on the market. But these are the ones that these cleaning instructions will mainly pertain to. 


Top Selling Mastrubators:

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