Size Doctor Penis Enlargement Pro Penis Extender System Kit

  • Penis growth of up to 30% length and 20% girth
  • Straighten penis curvature
  • Bigger, stronger and healthier penis
  • 8 inches (20.3 cm) maximum device length
  • Clinically proven method
  • Permanent gain
  • High quality materials


  • By applying a constant traction force, the device will lead to permanent stretching of the penis tissues: in particular the collagen fibres, which often have a lot of slack which can be stretched out (for newbies). This is for both the ligaments and penis chambers themselves.
  • Painless and permanent without side effects
  • The results will be directly proportionate to the usage time and intensity of the pull.
  • You can use your device while you are at home or at work (of course if it’s not physical work) or even at night while you sleep and see results in a really short time.
  • The vacuum cap also can help the penis itself grow through constant negative pressure, ensuring the penis remains aesthetic and easier to stretch in the future


1 PCS Extender Body
1 PCS Valve
6 PCS Girth Fixing Band
4 PCS 4CM/1.6″ Extender Bar
4 PCS 2CM/0.8″ Extender Bar
4 PCS 0.5CM/0.2″ Extender Bar
1 PCS Instruction Manual
1 PCS Vacuum Ball

SizeDoctor adds extreme comfort for extended stretching sessions unlike any other penis extender on the market. With a whole new glans vacuum attachment system to secure the penis eliminates rash, scathing, bruising, fatigue and slippage all while being medically safe. We recommend wrapping extra tape on the base unit to further increase comfort.

Strongest Extender On the Market – UP TO 4.8kg (10.5lbs) Traction Force

The SizeDoctor Pro is the only extender on the market that offers extreme tension adjustments from gentle all the way up to 4.8kg (10.5lbs)!

Other penis extenders on the market max out at 2.8kg, only hanging, which is far harder and requires privacy, can ever equal the Size doctor’s force.

Largest base on the market with a better design

With a massive 2″ (51mm) wide base, the SizeDoctor offers a base that can accommodate small to extra wide girths! Other extenders top out at 1.6″ wide which can be too tight for larger girth penises. Instead of a loop, the SizeDoctor uses an ergonomic C shape, further improving fit.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 8 cm

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