The Monster App Sex Toy collection consist of three designs of App Sex Toys.They all all have different shapes and functions to insure you get what you are looking for and to satisfy all your needs and desires.

The Monster App Sex Toy collection was designed for couples play.

Play anywhere and anytime ! Spice up your relationship, even from the other side of the world. All Monster App Sex Toys are compatible with all smartphones, simply download the monster app and let the games begin!

Perfect sex toy for couples but can also be used for solo players.

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  • Material: ABS, medical silicone
  • Size: 98*36mm
  • Charging: USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Maximum noise: 45 dB
  • Vibrating modes: 8 modes
  • Battery: non-detachable lithium
  • Weight: 62g

Simply takes your sex life to next level!

Steps to connect the toy:

  • Firstly charge it thru a usb port for two hours ( USB cable is included in your purchase)
  • Disconnect it from the charger
  • Install the “ Monster Pub” App ( search for it in your Apple or Android app store/ it’s free to download)
  • Open the app.
  • Register by entering your email address and a password
  • Click “ Sign Up”
  • On the next screen:
  • Firstly select “ girl” or “ boy”
  • Then insert a nickname
  • Insert “ South Africa”
  • And then select the area in South Africa you live
  • VERY IMPORTANT during this stage your location needs to be turned ON
  • Then select your birth date ( if under 18 you will be denied access)
  • Then you are registered
  • CLOSE the APP
  • Get your toy ready ( you needed to charge it for two hours first)
  • Press the little circle on the toys tail/ power button for three seconds (the light must turn on red)
  • Open your Bluetooth
  • Search for the device
  • Your smartphone will pick it up under “ Monster Pup”
  • Click on “ Monster Pup”
  • Enter the secret password you received in your box
  • Use it as ONE WORD no “.” or spaces
  • Click connect
  • It wil not show connected as a screen sentence but it is connected now
  • Now open your app ( it should have been closed while connecting to Bluetooth)
  • It will show the toys name you connected
  • Choose a mode that you want to play in/ with or connect your partner
  • Let the fun begin!

Watch A Video On How To Connect Your Monster Pup App Toy: Click Here

Have Fun Anytime and Anywhere!

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Customer Reviews

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We Enjoy It 😊

Great Intamacy Toy

Steven Nyman
Super Hot!

My BF is overseas under lockdown and I am in South Africa. This app toy made things easier , I can slip it in and he can operate it from overseas.

Strong powerful vibes , gets me to the big OG in no time ! Super hot and loads of fun. A must have for couples play!