Adult Luxury online sex shop offers you the latest Lover™ Kegel Balls sex toy (Pink) made out of premium medical grade silicon, which is FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication.

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It is waterproof.

Lover™ Premium Kegel Balls are used for kegel exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor, which weakens over time due to childbirth and age. Your strength is your foundation!

Besides the strengthening benefits, not to say that using love balls isn’t a fun way to get in your Kegels, although sharing a sexy secret with your partner (or simply knowing you’re holding something in your vagina) can be super-hot.

To insert the balls, use your fingers to gently push them into your vagina, like you would a tampon (adding lube helps). Removing the balls is fairly simple, too. The set includes a string, gently pull them out (again, like a tampon), And don’t forget to wash them with soap and warm water every time you use them.

Use Adult Luxury online sex shops water-based lubricant.

Adult Luxury Online Sex Shop’s main focus is to bring high-end luxury Medical Silicon and body-safe toys to our clients.

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Weight 0,198 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10,5 × 5 cm

Customer Reviews

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Good quality

Love it 😍😍

Zelda Stander
Pretty pink, Easy insertion. Packaged in a cute little black box for storage.

Very comfortable, I’m very happy. I first thought they might be a bit small, but soon realized my muscles is to weak for anything bigger/heavier right now.
It’s made from a good quality silicone on the outside.