This vibrating automatic masturbator goes further than your imagination dares to let you. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy both vaginal penetrations coupled with the feeling of a blow-job! You can play with 7 vibration settings which you can set using the buttons on the casing.

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The silky-soft material is a delight for every penis as well as being flexible. Use some water-based lubricant for added comfort during use and clean it well after use with lukewarm water and toy cleaner.


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Adult Luxury Official
Flicking Tongue Automatic Masturbator

A video from us to show you a better view of the product. Please see in description link above the full video on how it works and how to use it! 💦😈 Enjoy

Cape Town Adult Luxury
Flicking Tongue Automatic Masturbator💦💦

The Lamborghini of masturbators! Get the pleasure of enjoying both vaginal penetration coupled with the feeling of a blow-job! You can play with 7 vibration settings. Simply lube up and insert your penis while you scroll thru 7 different vibrating modes to find the one that satisfy you to orgasm heaven. Thrust the penis inside and enjoy the licking sucking sensations of getting a blow job. One size fits all, this automatic masturbator fits all sizes as it can stretch like a real vagina. Easy USB charge so you never have to buy batteries. Connect it to any USB port to charge. To clean..simply remove the sleeve that's 100% waterproof and rinse with Luke warm water and toy cleaner( you can buy from our store) then air dry or tap try with a towel. Store it in the casing we provide / it has a lid to keep dust out. See the video below to make you want to hit the buy button..

Zander Wilson
Best buy

Blow job on a other level!
Who needs a women when there is toys like this