Exciting New TV Show On DSTV “Uit die slaapkamer” sponsored by Adult Luxury.

Uit die slaapkamer” is brought to you by VIA, in synergy with Netwerk24. It is proudly sponsored by Adult Luxury. VIA opens bedroom door in new show Forget about tongue in cheek, we talk straight from the bedroom! It’s 2022 and conversations about sex are no longer taboo! It’s supposed to be comfortable and informal and that’s why VIA opens the bedroom door in a brand-new talk show, Uit die slaapkamer. Channel 147 DSTV. Whether you are single, in a relationship or have questions about how to have that conversation with your children, you can benefit from this show – and even learn a thing or two! Click here for a sneak peek.

Our panel has seen it all (or most of it!) and aren’t shy to share. Dr Elna Rudolph, sexologist and medical doctor, takes the lead in the conversations about sexual health and the rest of the panel joins in to talk about intimacy and other questions.

Adri Vivier, who gives advice on the VIA show Ouma weet mos, now shares more than psychological advice. Adri is a former teacher, mother of four. Her advice brings lighter, yet enlightening moments to the show, especially regarding parenting.

Singer and actress Bianca le Grange is a source of great entertainment with her fun, say-it-like-it-is personality. Actor and presenter Neels van Jaarsveld shares advice and input from a male perspective.

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Every week the team addresses viewer questions, giving insight into issues that most people have always wondered about: from medical ailments pertaining to sexual health to parents asking advice about sexual education and even just advice for a better sex life. Topics include menstruation during sex, low libido, contraception for teens, sex toys for women and men, vaginal birth versus C-section, and much more.

“I am passionate about sexual health and giving the correct information, because there are many questions and often few answers,” explains Dr Elna. “More knowledge about sexual health has two benefits. The more you know about sex, the more you can prevent suffering around it. And then, of course, the more you know about sex, the greater your chances are of increasing your sexual pleasure, which is beneficial for you and the quality of your relationship.”

“Viewers can look forward to hearty laughter, uncomfortable giggles and knowing smiles about all the different topics we discuss,” reveals Dr Elna. “Our fearless presenter and incredible panel handled difficult and sometimes personal questions with compa Mareli Olivier.

Uit die slaapkamer

Uit die slaapkamer, is brought to you by VIA, in synergy with Netwerk24. It is proudly sponsored by Adult Luxury.

From 6 July, viewers can tune in every Wednesday at 21:00 for have English subtitles and will be available on Catch Up Uit die slaapkamer and in the DStv app.

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