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Traveling With Sex Toys: 15 Discreet Picks to Bring on Your Trip

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August 16, 2022

Want to spice up your next vacation? Whether you’re headed on a solo trip or a romantic couples’ retreat, consider bringing a sex toy along for the ride. From discreet wearable vibrators to a travel-sized to-go kit, here are the best toys for travel, plus expert tips on how to pack them.

6 Expert Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys

Get ready to get it on.

“Studies show that people have more sex on vacation, since the stresses of normal life are absent—no laundry, no dishes, no agenda—which makes making time for using a vibe easy,” says Adult Luxury’s Owner.

Choose your toys wisely.

Unfortunately, there are some parts of the world where your toys can’t go—including the Maldives, Thailand, and India, among others—so always do a little research before you pack. Even if you’re headed somewhere toys are legal, make sure you’re bringing something that can’t be considered a weapon, says sex educator and Adult Luxury’s owner. For example, while a silicone dildo will probably get through security without any issues, a stainless steel piece may be considered dangerous and get confiscated. Same goes for some BDSM equipment: “Essentially, if it looks like it can be used as a weapon, leave it behind,” she advises. You also may run into issues if you’re bringing along something with a large motor. “There’s a good chance that motor is going to ping the security system—it’s the reason why, in carry-on luggage, they tell you to remove any electronics larger than a cell phone. Know that if you put that in your carry-on, it’s going to need to come out of your bag and into the bin.

Remove batteries from toys.

“The first rule of traveling with a vibrator is that if it has a battery, remove it before packing. Most of Adult Luxury’s Vibes is USB charging making it the obvious choice. Also most of Adult Luxury’s toys has travel safety, so you don’t need to stress for ” buzz kill”😜 . Just don’t forget the charger!

Keep toys accessible and protected.

Though it’s unlikely, security may ask you to remove a toy from your carry-on, so keep it easily accessible in your bag. Put it in a smaller storage bag to minimize prodding fingers on your toy: “We recently came out with a toy pouch, UV Universal Toy Steriliser Bag ,which is a pretty cute travel companion, if I do say so myself!” Or simply use a clear plastic bag so that security can see exactly what it is right away.

Liquid rules apply to lube.

“When it comes to lube, treat it like any other liquid that you may travel with—keep it under the designated limit. (That’s 100ml sized bag in your carry-on.)

Don’t act ashamed or embarrassed.

“Be confident about your toys. “If you’re walking through TSA acting nervous and shady, they may read your behavior as a potential threat and check your bags more thoroughly.” If you get questioned, let them know it’s a sex toy—or a “personal device,” if you prefer—and remember that you’re not the only person who has ever flown with one.

15 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys to Pack for Vacation

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unite Us Couples Vibrator With Remote Adult Luxury

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator For Duel Satisfaction

Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator, exclusive luxury edition range.
Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.
Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.
This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.
Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.
The luxury couples massager has 10m long distance control to bring additional features to your intimate experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.
Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control. Shop Now : Click here

Aim to Please Double Vibrating Cock Ring

Aim To Please Double Vibrating Cock Ring Adult luxury 

For connoisseurs of sex, Aim to Please™ Double Vibrating Cock Ring is one of the most sophisticated vibrating couples’ ring in the world, offering you both the most thrilling and intense pleasures. Boasting 100% more powerful vibrations than any product of its kind, the smooth silicone design comfortably fits all sizes, bringing a long-lasting presence to you and amazing sensations to your partner.

Vibrating cock rings are a popular couples sex toy because they add a buzzy new aspect to what heterosexual couples are typically already doing (having penetrative sex!). They can help a partner with a penis maintain a strong erection, and the vibration gives women the clitoral stimulation many need to achieve a orgasms.

The Aim to Please™ Double Vibrating Cock Ring will do as the name suggest and please your partner in ways they can not imagine! If your aim is to satisfy your partner, this is the cock ring for you! Click here to shop.

Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit

Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit Pink Side Adult Luxury 

Orgasms will never be the same – not when you’re wielding this Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit from Adult Luxury. Stimulating your clit with pressure waves, and treating your G-spot to a toe-curling massage at the same time, this sex toy is a one-way ticket to climactic paradise.

Made from velvety-soft, body-safe silicone, this USB rechargeable Luxury rabbit vibrator offers whisper-quiet vibrations for discreet, pleasurable playtimes. Kids or roommates in the house ? Then this is a must have vibrator !

Slide the smooth, tapered vibe inside, and delight as you switch between the different vibration intensities and 9 patterns courtesy of the powerful motor in the shaft. Meanwhile, experience sensual suction from the clitoral stimulator, with 9 levels to choose from – which one will tip you over the edge?

This luxury vibrator is 100% IPX7 Waterproof. A convenient USB charger will ensure you never run out of power. For the best sensations, add a slick of water-based lube from Adult Luxury around the rim of the stimulator, and over the length of the shaft. Shop Now Click Here

Temptations Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator

Looking for a sex toy that mimics oral sex ? No problem. Missing penetrative sex? You’re covered. Want a quiet vibrator that you can discretely pack into your suitcase? You got it. Temptations Clitoral Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator is here to satisfy all your needs and fulfil your desires.

Temptations Vibrating Tongue Runs Rings Around Your Clit & Nipples!

Tickle your bits like never before for titillating foreplay and moan-worthy O’s! Click here to Shop

Rock Hard Cock Master With Remote Control

Rock Hard Cock Master Adult Luxury

Rock Hard Vibrating Cock Master

The Rock Hard Cock Master is a great option for couples who love penetrated vaginal or anal sex. The cock ring will make the penis firmer, bigger and will help men who struggle to keep a erection or those suffering from Erectile dysfunction ( ED) The vibrations give your partner extra sensations and stimulation, on the clit and the g- spot at the same time.

This incredible male enhancer cock ring toy comes with 9 vibration modes to please your partner in earth-shattering orgasmic ways. Slip it on your penis before having sex with your partner and see her climax to new heights. Or use it as a clit vibrator for foreplay while taking the power in your hands by the push of the remote control.


Click here to shop

Venus Couples Panty Vibrator

Chardonnay Premium Panty Vibrator Adult Luxury 

Venus Couples Panty Vibrator, a sexy black and gold remote control clitoral vibrator with 9 strong but silent vibration modes. But that’s not all – Magnetic Venus Couples Panty Vibrator is equipped with a magnetic clip, allowing you to turn your own favorite panties into delightful orgasmic vibrating panties. Simply insert and clip the magnetic clip on the outside to hold the vibrator in place.

With an ultra-sexy and satisfying design and a smooth silicone finish, this couples vibrator ads a sexy secret to your day to day routine, and no one but you (and your partner, if you invite them along) will know you’re playing.

Venus Couples Panty Vibrator comes with a remote control, for couples foreplay tease yourself (or be teased) hands-free. Whether you’re into the idea of handing the controls to your partner or just drawing out a long foreplay solo sesh on a random night alone, wearable underwear vibes are def worth adding to your sex-toy rotation.

Plus, it’s USB rechargeable and runs for up to 2 hours on single charge, with advanced travel safety settings keeping Venus Couples Panty Vibrator ready and waiting until you press start.

Dab your Venus Couples Panty Vibrator with water-based lubricant before use to get the best pleasure from your toy. Click here to shop

Masturbating Eggs

Masturbating Eggs Adult Luxury
Masturbating Eggs Adult online shopping

The gentlest, most teasing stroker in the Adult Luxury’s Egg collection, numerous internal ribs intertwine and wrap around the soft sleeve’s interior, for velvety stimulation as you enter the tactile male masturbator.

Stretching up to 12 inches in length, the petite egg packs a pleasure punch for all sizes for knee-trembling sensations. Up and down strokes feel fantastic, while tantalizing twists add a whole new range of sensation.

Contained in a protective egg-shaped case for perfect discretion, take your egg on trips away or gift it to your lover as a non-intimidating toy. Click here to shop

Ultimate Luxury Rabbit Heating Vibrator

Ultimate Luxury Rabit Heating Vibrator Adult Luxury
Ultimate Luxury Rabit Heating Vibrator Adult online shopping

The Ultimate Luxury Vibe : Rabbit Heating Vibrator is made out of premium grade silicon, an FDA approved material. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. The Rabbit Vibrator Heat Luxury is a luxury sex toy for women that is absolutely body safe.

Make your self-pleasure more satisfying – and make it hotter – with the Rabbit Vibrator Heat Luxury 9 Function Luxury Warming G-Spot Vibrator with double motors for double the pleasure.

Warm up your sweet spots with this unique heating rabbit vibrator! Specially designed to warm up to a body-safe 107.6° F (42˚C), this multipurpose rabbit vibe heightens your personal pleasure in a different way and makes this sex toy more interesting to use.

With 9 tantalizing vibration modes, you can customize the vibrator settings to your liking and experiment with various vibration patterns. This rabbit vibe is 100% IPX7 waterproof, so you can even enjoy its thrills in the shower. The Rabbit Vibrator Heat Luxury is equipped with the latest magnetic USB rechargeable technology for an eco-friendly adult toy and comes with a charging cord for your convenience. Click Here To Shop

Magic Rabbit®

Magic Rabbit Vibrator Adult Luxury 

Indulge in luxuriously lifelike stimulation with this Magic Rabbit®’s realistic shape and inimitable thrusting, vibrating and 360 degrees spinning head design. 2 motors send powerful vibrations straight to your sweet spots with a w-hopping 9 different modes, for mind-blowingly blended bliss.

Made from velvety-soft, body-safe silicone, this USB rechargeable Magic Rabbit® vibrator offers whisper-quiet vibrations for discreet, pleasurable playtimes. Kids or roommates in the house ? Then this is a must have vibrator !

This luxury vibrator is 100% IPX7 waterproof. A convenient USB charger will ensure you never run out of power.

Informed by Adult Luxury customer feedback, the Magic Rabbit® is a high tech design like never seen before on a rabbit vibrator, and now features a unique trusting technology and extra-pronounced head with thicker, firmer ears for more intense clitoral stimulation.

All you need is a liberal dose of your favorite water-based sex lube for extra slip ‘n’ slide.

Magic Rabbit® Thrusting Realistic rotating vibe’s vital function stats:

  • Two strong motors
  • Magic Rabbit® Ears: 9 x vibrating patterns
  • Magic Rabbit® Body : 9 x vibrating patterns
  • Magic Rabbit® Head : Spinning 360 degrees futuristic technology.
  • Magic Rabbit® Full body can preform different thrusting speeds in combination with above movements and technologies or you can set it by it self just to preform the thrusting option by it self.

Your Orgasms. Reinvented. Shop Now Click Here

FDA Approved Prostate Massager With Remote

FDA Approved Remote Control Prostate Massager Adult Luxury
FDA Approved Remote Control Prostate Massager Adult Luxury
The FDA approved Platinum Vibe luxury toy is a world-wide best seller, and with good reason.
It is made out of premium medical grade silico that is, as the name suggests, FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication.
Made by one of the world’s leading intimate lifestyle products designer brands, famous for transforming the look, feel and function of how sex toys are perceived, they bring a new level of luxury to products of this kind.
Explore your anal pleasure: Awaken and explore the third pleasure with your partner, spice up your foreplay. This is not just prostate massager (the P-point) for the man, but also G spot and clitoral stimulation vibrator for women and couples, to spice up their foreplay.
Latest Ergonomic handy design: 2 powerful vibrating motors with 4-spot stimulation and 9 vibration modes from gentle to wild. Perfect size for players with different levels with a 10m wireless remote. You will find the perfect setting among the various vibrator settings and reach unprecedented sexual pleasure.
Unique Magnetism USB Charger. The Prostate Massager is easily charged through the USB interface, which is connected by two magnetic points. Unique charging port design for convenient operation and eco-friendly games: treat your desires anytime, anywhere. Click here to shop

Satisfier Climax Remote Control Cock Ring

The ultimate cock ring to satisfy your partner!

Satisfier Climax Cock Ring Adult Luxury
The Satisfier Climax Remote Control Cock Ring is made out of premium grade silicone, and has 9 different vibrating modes to choose from. Perfect for Couples to enjoy together especially if she is one of the ladies that climax thru clitoral orgasms.
It also puts vibrations thru the penis into the vagina to increase g-spot orgasms for her. The possibilities is endless with this premium sex toy.
You can also use it by hand to hold against her nipples or clitoris to spice things up and increase the mood.
Excellent sex toy for foreplay, for him to last longer and hold a erection. Click here to shop

Vibro-Max Pro Silent Masturbator

Vibro-Max Pro Silent Mastrubator Adult Luxury
Vibro-Max Pro Silent Mastrubator Adult Luxury

The Vibro-Max Pro Silent Masturbator by Adult Luxury is designed to give intense stimulation to the penis and glans.
The removable silent bullet offers 9 luscious vibration functions. The Vibro-Max Pro Silent Masturbator’s flexible wrap- around wings and ridges slide along the base of the vibrator offering intense stimulation to the shaft.
Add a dollop of your favourite water-based lubricant, and power up your vibe through the control panel and gently stroke up and down the shaft. The powerful motor will ensure that each vibration will be felt through the entire length of your penis.
Prepare to be blown away with Vibro-Max Pro Silent Masturbator. Click here to shop

Swing™ Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

Swing Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator Adult Luxury 

Sexy and Powerful this Premium Silicone bunny has triple motors for double the pleasure! Featuring the main motor inside the sleek sexy bunny with 6 Rotating Modes and 7 vibrating modes, the clit focused motor for x 6 clitoral vibration modes and x 7 vibrating patterns on its own, and last but not the least the incredible pulsation and escalation 360 Swing Motor in the main top shaft.

This sexy vibrator will bring you to fast powerful orgasms like never before!

The Swing™ Rotating Rabbit Vibrator from Luxury is made out of premium medical grade silicon, that is FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. The Swing Vibrator is a luxury sex toy for women.

The Swing™ Rotating Rabbit Vibrator has an erotically smooth feel, made out of Body Safe luxuriously soft silicone.

It is playfully flexible and moves with your body for a fully responsive experience. Coupling pinpoint clitoral stimulation with exquisite internal intensity, the Swing from Luxury Vibes vibrator creates thrilling blended sensation for spellbinding ecstasy. A sculpted shaft shadows your body’s contours, and is tipped with a curved taper to escalate G-spot pressure.

Speed rolling pleasure modes with intense massaging action in the stimulator.

Easy push button control hold each button independently for 3 seconds to turn on or off. Shop Now Click Here

Tornado Automatic Masturbation Penis Enlarger Pump Thicker! Bigger! Stronger! Harder! Climax!

Tornado Automatic Masturbation Penis Enlarger Adult Luxury
For pleasure and enlargement. Treating Erectile Dysfunction. Endurance. Stamina. Growth. How smart is that?!
You’ve seen penis suction pumps. You’ve seen sensual masturbation sleeves. But have you ever seen them together in one performance-enhancing orgasm machine?
The Tornado Automatic Masturbation Penis Enlarger Pump offer you both of best world’s!
For penis enlargement pumping and treating Erectile Dysfunction with designed suction technology it helps to increase endurance, improves stamina and enlarges your penis through 9 smart automatic step-up enhancement modes and three programs with 9 frequencies for pure enjoyment. Click here to shop

3 in 1 Happy Endings Masturbator

3 in 1 happy ending Adult Luxury

3 in 1 Happy Endings Masturbator is here to satisfy you! With a anal, vagina and mouth entrance this masturbator includes all the options for optimal pleasure!

Described as ‘mind-blowing’ and ‘like nothing I’ve ever experience before!’, this realistic 3 in 1 Masturbator certainly delivers on the pleasure front. Lube up and thrust into the hole of your choice for a orgasmic experience whenever you choose.
Soft stretching material to make it a one size fits all.
Inner textured tunnels for a real feel experience.

Rose Gold Luxury Contour

Rose Gold Luxury Contour Adult Luxury 

Rose Gold Contour luxury vibrator from Luxury Vibes is made out of premium medical grade silicon, an FDA approved material. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication.

The Rose Gold Contour vibrator is a luxury sex toy for women. Prepare to be amazed and to surrender to wave upon wave of intense sensations, The super smooth Rose Gold Contour luxury vibe is a powerful multi-speed adult toy that is perfect for intense G-Spot stimulation.

The firm, curvy, super soft skin-like vibe is also great for teasing and tantalizing sensitive hot spots all over the body.

The Rose Gold Contour luxury vibrator moves smooth and seamlessly; enjoy playtime with its ergonomic curved body.

With its sensuous and voluptuous form and its cheeky, beckoning ‘come-hither’ motion, the Rose Gold Contour luxury vibe not only takes you to the absolute limits of pleasure, but pushes you right over the edge to a whole new world of ecstasy. All of this in a sleek, Premium Medical Grade silicone design that is both rechargeable and waterproof, with 9 vibration settings that will leave you gasping for more. Click here to shop

Instinct® Tongue Bendable Sucking Vibrator/ Couples

Casanova Triple Pleaser 2 Vibrator Adult Luxury
Womanizer – Instinct Adult Luxury

Instinct® Smart Double Sided Bendable Pleasure Air Tongue Vibrator For Couples And Women To Enjoy Solo.

⭐Double Sided ⭐ Suction⭐Vibration⭐ Tongue Licker⭐ Bendable

Click here to watch a video on the Instinct® Vibrator

Instinct® to fit your body. Double Sided Vibrator For Clit & G- Spot Stimulating For Her, Or For Couples To Enjoy Together.

Made buy women for women. Reach, excite and discover erogenous zones you never knew existed.

The Sucking Tongue Vibrator- Instinct has a bendable shape that conforms to the body/any body shape and is essentially two sex toys for the price of one—a clit stimulator, G-spot seeker, a futuristic sexy designed shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

You can bend it and put one side in your G- Spot with and the other end with the tongue licking and suction part against your clitoris while he penetrates you. Both partners can enjoy the vibes, and for her this will be the ultimate pleasure.

With nine powerful vibration intensities and 9 different sucking and tongue licking technology settings this vibe gives you the optimal stimulation where you need it most. The double sided vibrator Instinct is basically the ideal addition to both foreplay and intercourse with a partner, as well as for solo time.

Double Sided Pleasure Air Vibrator- Instinct® is made from premium body-safe silicone, 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Click here to shop

King Love Warrior®

King Love Warrior® Humaniser Double Sided Dildo  Adult Luxury
King Love Warrior® Humaniser Adult online shopping

Tired of super small vibes or regular-sized sex toys that don’t give you enough pleasure? Want to upgrade your orgasms and your toys to something bigger and better?


Vibrates Thrusting Function Rotates Portable sex machine


The King Love Warrior® vibrating 360 dildo is among the top two favourite larger ultra-realistic dildo vibrators for women. If you’re seeking a premium big dildo that feels like real skin, stop your search and pick this one now.

This velvet-touch vibrator has a strong internal motor that powers 7 speeds externally alongside the 3 speed rotation of the shaft, for simultaneous stimulation that could end in jaw-clenching blended orgasms.

Grasp the shaft in your hand for the immediate impression of quality. A seductive silken exterior covers a slightly firmer core; this dual density construction accurately imitates a living booty-call buddy. He is a ‘no strings attached’ fantasy sex partner ready to play when you are. Tuck away and feel the warmth and softness of a real man’s erection – only thicker. It feels like silk when stroked and warms up quickly when used.

Contoured to give gentle-but-gratifying internal massages, the Love Warrior large ultra-realistic dildo silicone shaft curves slightly at the tip so it’s perfectly poised to stimulate your G-spot. You can use the base to press against the clitoris for dual sensations.

Discover the exhilarating selection of 7 speeds and patterns by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ back-lit buttons to cycle through them until you find a setting or combination that takes you all the way. Choose from rapid back and forth rotation or slow and sensual motions, and indulge in its incredibly realistic movement.

Fully rechargeable with a USB charging point, you never have to worry about running out of batteries with this beauty. The silicone is waterproof so you can safely use it in the bath or shower for varied exploration. Click here to shop

Arouse 3 in 1 Prostate Remote Control Massager

Arouse 3 in 1 Prostate Remote Control Massager Adult Luxury
Arouse 3 in 1 Prostate Remote Control Massager Adult Luxury

The new generation vibrating prostate massager. 3 in 1 Prostate Anal Sex Toy:

  • Prostate Massage
  • Testicle Massager
  • Penis Stroker

This unique futuristic remote control Prostate massager futures two motors. One with 9 functions to give vibrations to the full toy and one unique focused motor on the point that gives a finger movement massage. This unique prostate massager will give you the perfect prostate orgasm.

Discover the pleasure of prostate play with this sleek silicone massager, ideally sized for newcomers or advanced players to anal play. Pop it in your posterior and click through the vibration functions to find your ultimate fave.

One button gives you access to 9 speeds and 9 patterns of prostate-teasing vibration. Wear your massager during solo sessions to double up on sensations, or add a little extra buzz to foreplay and sex.

Discreet in design, your prostate massager also includes a travel lock and remote control, and is completely waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Coat in water-based anal lubricant for peak sensations while you play.

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