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Best Selling Couples Intamacy Sex Toys

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August 16, 2022

With Holidays, B-days and special occasions around the corner, you might be shopping for chocolates, flowers, and cards. Or, you could start shopping for sex toys — because, let’s face it, that’s much more fun.

But what sex toys should you use with your partner?

Using a sex toy with a partner is often a powerful way to intensify intimacy. That is particularly true if it is the first time introducing a toy into a relationship. By communicating your desires and needs and then shopping for something fun together, the entire experience becomes a unique way to bond.

One of the respected sexologist we interviewed, view a partner’s willingness to bring toys into the bedroom as a litmus test for how considerate a lover they are. And believe that only someone who puts their own self-image above their partner’s pleasure feels threatened by sex toys.

The reality is, many people with vaginas need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so their partners should accept that they may have to either focus on “foreplay” (which can really be the main event) or bring in toys during intercourse.

When couples use sex toys together, it is not a replacement for the other partner as some people think. And should not be seen as it’s “needed because the other partner is not good enough” This thinking is old school and selfish to be blunt.

Sex Toys is a simple accessory that healthy couples use to connect, have fun, explore, get to know their own bodies and each other’s bodies, find new exiting ways to excite and satisfy each other. The subject opens up conversation that would have never been, if not for the toys.

And on special occasions, it’s important to be thinking about each other’s pleasure.

Here are a few toys to consider bringing into the bedroom to make sex more pleasurable or just spice things up.

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote VibratorUnite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator For Duel Satisfaction

Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator, exclusive luxury edition range.
Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.
Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.
This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.
Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.
The luxury couples massager has 10m long distance control to bring additional features to your intimate experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.
Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control. Shop Now : Click here

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator

The top selling women’s vibrator of all time, now available for couples to enjoy together!

Couple Vibrator for Female

Satisfy your women like never before with orgasmic modes to choose from.

The Unify-Us Couples Rabbit one would became your favorite go to toy with intimacy sessions with 12 different stimulation vibration modes to choose from and a remote control for hands-free play.

Satisfy her like never before! Let the rabbit ears send her clitoris in orgasm heaven while the shaft stimulate both partners with intense vibrations at the same time!

Pleasure, fun, massager,stimulator

Spice things up in the bedroom, reconnect, bring the spark back!

Surprise your loved on with a toy that will benefit and satisfy both parties. Click here to shop

Couples Remote Vibrating Sex Toy Adult Luxury sex shop

Premium Unisex Couples Remote Control Vibe!

Like nothing you have ever experienced before. Voted one of the best Couples Sex Toys of of the year!

This unique futuristic Couples Toys is one of the first sex toys ever that was designed to satisfy both male and female at the same time with two functional vibrator sex toys incorporated in one unique design.

This will be your go to toy as a couple once you have tried it. Endless nights of fun and orgasms for both partner’s. Click here to read more

FOX ® Premium Couple’s Set

FOX ® Premium Couple's Set

In a glorious special edition Couple’s Set, the The FOX ® Premium Couple’s Set is here to introduce shared, wearable vibrations to couples. Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

The internal side slips inside to vibe against the G-spot and penis during penetration, while the external bulb thrills her clitoris.

The FOX ® Premium Couple’s Set has a remote control and a couple’s vibrator she can slip on to enjoy hands-free clitoral and internal stimulation during foreplay and sex. Snug hugging means perfect comfort during penetration, when he can enjoy the strong vibrations, too.

Intuitively control the settings using the included remote, the remote allows you or your lover to control the vibrator from a distance or location.
As both shafts are fitted with a powerful motor, she receives intense clitoral stimulation during love-making while his shaft gains the benefit of penetration and thrust as well as intense vibrations that stimulate his shaft.

With it’s completely waterproof design, bath play has never felt better and with easy to reach controls you are able to navigate seamlessly through 9 vibrational intensities and 9 vibrational rhythms that are designed to bring you to a climax together. Shop Now: Click here

The Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock RingThe Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock Ring

Features & details

  • Double Ring- This stretchy double ring stretches comfortably around the base of the penis and testicles and help enhance erections and pleasure.
  • Multi-purpose – This cock ring keeps the guy harder for longer while hitting just the right spot for clitoral stimulation.
  • Enhance the size of his erection.
  • Delay ejaculation
  • Super Powerful Motor – Strong motor with 9 speed modes which allows to experience various levels of sexual pleasure.
  • Remote Controlled
  • USB Rechargeable – The cock ring and remote can quick charging and long-term usage give you steady stream of stimulation.
  • 100% Premium Silicone – Made of body safe silicone that is super stretchy to accommodate any size. Click here to shop

Swan couples vibrating sex toy

Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

The Swan is a premium couples massager that is worn by women when making love to a partner. It can also be used for solo play by women or in couples play to tease and satisfy each other with. Bring excitement back into the bedroom or enjoy private public play for the adventures couples.

The Swan : bringing extreme pleasure and orgasmic vibrations to both partners. The Swan adds even greater intimacy to lovemaking with amazingly powerful and silent vibrations. Click here to read more

Exotic Couples Panty Vibe (Pink)

Exotic Couples Panty Vibe (Pink)

Embark on an intense erotic encounter with the Adult Luxury’s Vibrating Exotic panties from our Premium Whistle Collection. Slip the exotic vibrator onto your pearl, then pass the control to your lover and let them pleasure you with the 12 speeds and 8 patterns.

Whisper-quiet and remote controlled, the panty vibrator offers utter discretion even on the strongest tier of sensation. Relax into bliss as your lover flicks through the settings from up to 12 meters away.

A small opening in the back of the case can fit the width of the USB cable for discreet charging.

Adult Luxury is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by top sex toy manufactures with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

Please note: While the vibrator is waterproof, the remote control is splashproof only and should be kept out of water. Click here to shop

Rock Hard Cock Master With Remote Control

Rock Hard Cock Master With Remote ControlRock Hard Vibrating Cock Master

The Rock Hard Cock Master is a great option for couples who love penetrated vaginal or anal sex. The cock ring will make the penis firmer, bigger and will help men who struggle to keep a erection or those suffering from Erectile dysfunction ( ED) The vibrations give your partner extra sensations and stimulation, on the clit and the g- spot at the same time.

This incredible male enhancer cock ring toy comes with 9 vibration modes to please your partner in earth-shattering orgasmic ways. Slip it on your penis before having sex with your partner and see her climax to new heights. Or use it as a clit vibrator for foreplay while taking the power in your hands by the push of the remote control.


Click here to shop

Enticement- Rabbit Remote Couples Vibrator

Enticement- Rabbit Remote Couples Vibrator

Enticement- Rabbit Remote Couples Vibrator. The best selling couples toys for women, the rabbit vibrator is now available for couples to enjoy together. With this vibe you will be guaranteed to satisfy her in more ways then you can imagine. Simply insert it into her vagina ( there is different combinations as the pictures above illustrates) and both partners will enjoy the vibes!
Women vibrator with 10 meters remote control.
Couples vibrarting toys for both, make your sex life more pleasure.
Dual vibrators with rabbit ears designed make more choices for sex positions and pleasure.

The Enticement- Rabbit Couples Vibrator can be controlled to up to 15 meters away. This making hands-free play easy and can spice things up for couples.

Play with the remote toy anywhere, anytime! Insert the Enticement- Rabbit into your favorite pair of underwear….and let the games begin! Give your man the remote and power to satisfy you from a distance.

The remote control can change and operate 9 different orgasmic vibration modes.

You will love the fact that it can be controlled with the remote by you or partner.

GIVE YOURSELF THE ORGASM YOU DESERVE! Get your couples Rabbit today. Click here to shop

Diversion™ Couples Sucking Vibrator

Diversion™ Couples Sucking Vibrator

Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator

Around 80 percent of women aren’t able to climax from penetrative sex alone, this couple vibrator is designed to combat that and stimulate the clitoris.

Worn in the vagina, it curves around to hug your clitoris. It vibrates at different speeds and patterns, meaning that you can enjoy sex in pretty much any position while being assured clitoral stimulation.

Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator is a really easy way to make sure that your sex life is consistently satisfactory and ends in mutual climaxes. It’s also remote controlled, so you can adjust it during sex without having to pause and look for the buttons – which would be a bit of a mood killer.

clitorius stimulator

8 Frequency Vibration Modes

The Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator has 8 powerful different rhythmic vibration modes to choose from simply flick thru them with the remote till you find the one that gives you the best vibes! Click here to shop

IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties

IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties

IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties

This completely Remote controlled rechargeable vibrating lace panties with an insertable bullet that delivers intense G-Spot stimulation to the wearer.

Soft lace hugs and flatters as the hidden rechargeable bullet nestles against your clitoris for top-secret vibration elation that’s remote control operated. Click here to read more

Flamingo® couples app phone long distance relationship sex toy


Meet the Flamingo Music Vibrator!

Flamingo is an innovative G-spot vibrator that works via Bluetooth and is uniquely controlled by an application on your smartphone. You can operate the Flamingo vibrator by any smartphone that holds iOS 7.0 or Android 4.3 or higher versions. Simply download the Magic Motion app for free in the App Store or scan the QR bar on the packaging to download it to your Android. Click here to read more

WeJoy® wevibe couples sex toy online sex shop south Africa


The gift of pleasure!

Introducing our special limited edition and Couples Vibe Pro the WeJoy®! Have fun like never before with this dynamic duo, limited edition Couples Vibe in an attractive, discreet play case; and is great for travel too!

With high-quality rechargeable vibrators it can be enjoyed solo or used with a partner – certain to please anyone open to sexploration.

The dual-stimulation Sync offers great pleasure options for any couple looking to use toys together, designed with a slender neck so it can be worn during intercourse, with powerful rumbly vibrations and an adjustable fit that lets you stimulate the G-spot and clitoris with your preferred pressure level. Rotate and use the ridges for more pin-point vibration, if that’s the way you like it. Click here to read more

Venus Couples Panty Vibrator

Venus Couples Panty VibratorVenus Couples Panty Vibrator, a sexy black and gold remote control clitoral vibrator with 9 strong but silent vibration modes. But that’s not all – Magnetic Venus Couples Panty Vibrator is equipped with a magnetic clip, allowing you to turn your own favorite panties into delightful orgasmic vibrating panties. Simply insert and clip the magnetic clip on the outside to hold the vibrator in place.

With an ultra-sexy and satisfying design and a smooth silicone finish, this couples vibrator ads a sexy secret to your day to day routine, and no one but you (and your partner, if you invite them along) will know you’re playing.

Venus Couples Panty Vibrator comes with a remote control, for couples foreplay tease yourself (or be teased) hands-free. Whether you’re into the idea of handing the controls to your partner or just drawing out a long foreplay solo sesh on a random night alone, wearable underwear vibes are def worth adding to your sex-toy rotation.

Plus, it’s USB rechargeable and runs for up to 2 hours on single charge, with advanced travel safety settings keeping Venus Couples Panty Vibrator ready and waiting until you press start.

Dab your Venus Couples Panty Vibrator with water-based lubricant before use to get the best pleasure from your toy. Click here to shop

Magic Finger with Remote Control Couples sex toy

Magic Finger with Remote Control

Ultimate Sex Toy for Couples. Use the Magic Finger Vibrator to tease your lover’s body with the stirring sensations of this luxurious finger vibrator. Powered by a single-speed bullet, the soft premium silicone casing features a slender stimulator with textured tip for extra sensations. A loop keeps the vibrator pressed against your index for five-finger freedom and total dexterity.

Use your finger premium stimulator to supplement foreplay for rapid arousal, or touch it against her clitoris during penetration to help her climax. Click here to read more

Vibe-Us Couples Vibrator

Ultimate-Plesures Couples Toy

Vibe-Us Couples Vibrator is a multifunction vibrator. For dual satisfaction for couples to enjoy together or it can be used as a G-Spot & Clitoris vibrator for her.

The Vibe-Us Couples Vibrator is from Adult Luxury’s exclusive Eco Range Luxury Edition Range.

Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play. With 9 different vibrating modes to choose from and the ability to bend 160 degrees this vibrator has endless possibilities!

This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples sex toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.

Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.

The luxury couples massager can be inserted in her during intimacy and bring additional features to your sex experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.

Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties. Or enjoy solo as a G’spot or clitoral vibrator! Click here to shop

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM Adult Luxury Adult Toys

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM

A must buy to spoil her with Valentine’s Day! Blindfold her and spoil her with this orgasmic vibe by placing it on her clitoris, she will never forget this valentine’s present/ presents counting the orgasm to come!

Compared to most of the other vibrators we have, this one is the most unique. Plus, unlike the previous older models, there is no actual tongue to speak of here… not even a little one. What we do have, however, is a stimulating “egg”, surrounded by dozens of vibrating little nubs, to enhance your masturbatory experience and push it to the next level.

Together, these design features are meant to provide you with a realistic, authentic sensation of having your pussy licked by an eager and willing tongue… and the good news is that you can “lick” yourself at 9 different speeds. Who said masturbation is sad and lonely?

You don’t even have to limit yourself to using it on your clit, you can enjoy it on your nipples, or you can use it on your partner’s balls or taint, you can engage in some assplay, etc. Click here to read more

Affinity Couples Vibrator

Affinity Couples VibratorThe Affinity Couples Toy From Secret Lover is a bendable shape that conforms to any body shape and is essentially four sex toys for the price of one—a clit stimulator, G-spot seeker, couples sex toy, penis pleaser, and combination shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time, you choose what you are in the mood for!

With powerful motors the toy vibrates in full length both sides for multiple stimulation points and has different vibrating modes and patterns to choose from.

It also comes with a remote control, for couples to enjoy or for a solo session to make things more comfortable.

The Affinity Couples Vibrator, is basically the ideal addition to both foreplay and intercourse with a partner, as well as for solo time. The inspiration for the innovative design originated from the best selling couples ” fish’ shape intimate toy. To improve on other couples sex toys in this category it has a thicker head for more stimulation to her and a bendable body to make it custom fit for everyone!

Couples Vibrator Adult Luxury

Wireless Remote Control Couple Toy for Hands-Free Pleasure

Couples Vibrator Adult Luxury
Couples Vibrator Adult Luxury

2 Whisper Quiet Motors Provide 9 Powerful Pulsating Patterns

Couples Vibrator Adult Luxury

Key Features:

  • Premium Luxury Affinity Couples Vibrator
  • Remote control
  • 4 Sex toys in 1!
  • Choose from 9 levels of intensity and 9 vibration patterns
  • Ergonomically shaped with easy-to-use push buttons
  • Waterproof for use in the shower
  • USB rechargeable for use anywhere in the world

☆Premium body-safe silicone. Click here to shop

Cleopatra® BioAir Tongue Vibrator

Cleopatra® BioAir Tongue VibratorPremium Adult Toy For Your Collection. The Cleopatra BioAir Tongue Vibrator is as satisfying as it looks.

A Vibrator with BioAir Technology and tongue licking functions. What more can you ask for?

A Stylish royal design but extremely powerful compared to other suction toys on the market.

The Cleopatra BioAir Tongue Vibrator will bring you to climax in minutes!

Use with Adult Online sex shops water-based lubricant to heighten sensation in play.

wand massager
rose vibrator

Key Features:

  • This chic and sensual tongue vibrator with BioAir technology
  • If offers 9 frequencies vibration, tongue licking speeds and suction modes.
  • It is a silent vibrator to make playtime discreet if there is kids or room mates around.
  • Perfect travel size and USB charging for around the globe easy fast recharging
  • Double motors.
  • Extra Suction – MUCH stronger!
  • Warms up with the body
  • Features 9 stimulating vibration modes, tongue licking motions and air sucking technology for customized play.
  • Silent Vibrator
  • USB rechargeable for an eco-friendly sex toy – comes with a charging cord!


Zephyros™ Unisex (Pink) with Remote

Zephyros™ Unisex (Pink) with RemoteRevolutionary suction technology

The Zephyros™ clit vibrator comes with 10 vibration modes and 10 suction modes, including multiple power levels and pulsating patterns with a remote control. One button in the base controls the vibration, and the other button handles the suction. Simply press the button to start playing and switch different modes. USB rechargeable.Just like sex, you should start off slow and gentle to help set the mood and give your body time to adjust.

Unique 2 in 1 vibrator​ Multifunction​

Zephyros™Clitoris & G- Spot Stimulator is 2 toys in one –– and ready to give you so many amazing experiences, too! Pamper your clitoris with all the many kinds of sucking it loves. That’s right. Or, on a moment’s whim turn this sex toy around and go inside for the perfectly targeted love. Or go back to the sucking. Oh, what a night!

Waterproof Design

The vibrator is fully waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or relaxing in the tub. The watertight design makes the massager easy to care for and clean for long-lasting enjoyment.

High Quality Silicone

The sucking vibrator is made primarily from soft and durable silicone, a hypoallergenic and easy to clean material. The stimulator is rechargeable and can run up to 60 minutes fully charged. A USB cable is included that plugs below the clitoral stimulator.

Features & details

Clitoral stimulator with suction and 10 vibration patterns to those sensitive nerve endings. Sucking and pulsing against the clitoris at one side, the opposite slips into the vagina and comes to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding tissue, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and hard.

The slender and firm silicone shaft makes it easy to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry-for-action G-spot. Made of body-safe silicone, it is super-soft, hygienic,nonporous. and that slightly phallic tip is ready to make love to your sweet G!

Zephyros™ Sucking Vibrator is conveniently USB rechargeable, for elevated ecstasy wherever you want it, powering up fully in about 1.5 hours. A full charge will run pressure waves and vibration for up to 60 continuous minutes.

This unique vibrator uses orgasmic suction to simulate a sucking sensation, encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. It is fully waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or relaxing in the tub.

Private Package: Zephyros™ will be shipped to you with discreet package, no one knows what you get. Click here to shop

Roger Rabbit Cock Ring

Roger Rabbit Cock Ring

Roger Rabbit Cock ring must be worn around the base of the penis or if you wish sometimes the testicles to make erections harder, bigger, and longer-lasting.

Roger Rabbit Cock Ring for couples comes with 10 vibrating modes and different patterns to select from. It is a great couples toys and not to be underestimated, wrap the ring around his penis and let the bunny ears tease her clitoris with that extra stimulation that you have always wanted to try. Click here to read more

To view all our couples toys: Click here

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