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10 Best Sex Toys for Couples to Take Things Up a Notch

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August 16, 2022

10 Best Sex Toys for Couples to Take Things Up a Notch

You’ve got every reason to make couples’ sex toys a part of your intimate sexual experience. While toy play is a great way to stay connected when you’re in a long distance relationship or want to put the spark back into a stale (or even sexless) marriage, it’s also worth experimenting when you’re already having great sex.

If you’re in the market to spice things up by way of toys you can enjoy as a couple Adult Luxury’s owner, recommends discussing what kind of things you’re both open to beforehand. Are you looking for a biggener level couples toy to incorporate into your usual routine, or do you want to be taken into completely new territory? Is this something that one of you is going to use on the other exclusively, or something that you can share, or feel the sensations at the same time? Also consider whether you’d like something waterproof, remote-controlled, quiet, etc.

She suggests this Yes/ No/ Maybe list to open up the conversation on likes, dislikes, and boundaries. Good sex is rooted in communication, and you want to make sure that everyone is enthusiastically on board with every step.

To quote the late, great George Michael: Sex is natural, sex is good; not everybody does it, but everybody should.” While that sentiment may not apply to every single couple out there, a healthy sexual relationship can yield both physical and emotional benifits to all ages.

Prepare to get adventurous, and check out 10 of the best sex toys for couples to try below.

WeJoy® Remote Controlled

We connect couples sex toy adult luxury toys
The gift of pleasure!

Introducing our special limited edition and Couples Vibe Pro the WeJoy®! Have fun like never before with this dynamic duo, limited edition Couples Vibe in an attractive, discreet play case; and is great for travel too!

Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Couples Massager, exclusive imited range.

Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.

This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.

Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.

With high-quality rechargeable vibrators it can be enjoyed solo or used with a partner – certain to please anyone open to sexploration.

The dual-stimulation Sync offers great pleasure options for any couple looking to use toys together, designed with a slender neck so it can be worn during intercourse, with powerful rumbly vibrations and an adjustable fit that lets you stimulate the G-spot and clitoris with your preferred pressure level. Rotate and use the ridges for more pin-point vibration, if that’s the way you like it.

The WeJoy® Couples Pro Vibe has been updated with improved charging, battery and control button. The flat end is great for varying pressure and enjoying more diffused or pinpointed stimulation.

Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control. Click here to shop

V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties Vibrator

Panty Vibrator Adult Luxury

The V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties Vibrator will literally rock your body all day and night.

V-Vibe® aka the ‘sneaky’ couples sex toy. As the name implies, you can sneak this unique toy anywhere. Play with the remote toy anywhere, anytime! Insert the V-Vibe into your favorite pair of underwear….and let the games begin! Give your man the remote and power to satisfy you from a distance.

The V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties Vibrator can be used solo, or for secret fun insert them into your favourite panties and take erotic play to a new level. It can be universally attached to any underwear, so you can turn your fanciest pair of undies into a pair of vibrating fancy undies. The two-piece kit comes with a remote control and a 9-function vibrator, specially designed to hit your clitoris at all the right angles. The contoured design has ridges for more stimulation, and wings (like a maxi pad) help attach the device to the underwear of your choosing.

The Vibrating Panties Vibe is made out of premium medical grade silicon, and is FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties is a luxury sex toy for women or for couples to enjoy together.

With the Vibrating Panties Vibe ergonomically designed whisper-quiet vibrator, you are able to experience the ultimate in teasing foreplay. Using a remote control, your partner is able to navigate through 9 differing pulsating patterns as well as a variety of intensity levels – taking you from slow and steady to quick and wild in a matter of seconds.

With twice the power of its predecessor and boasting 9 vibrating modes, this pebble vibrator enhances play with strong vibrations and pleases every sense…

Shop the V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties: Click here

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator
Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator For Duel Satisfaction
Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator, exclusive luxury edition range.
Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.
Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.
This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.
Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.
The luxury couples massager has 10m long distance control to bring additional features to your intimate experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.
Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control.
Click here to shop the Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Nemesis™ Sucking & Pulsing VibratorNemesis™ Sucking & Pulsing Vibrator

Nemesis™ Sucking & Pulsing Vibrator. One The Best Clitoris & G- Spot Vibrators Of The Year!

This unique vibrator uses orgasmic sucking and pulsing tecnology against the clitoris and G- Spot to simulate a sensation like nothing you’ve ever felt before, encircling your clit and targeting the G-Spot for intense stimulation.

Pulsing Vibrator Adult Luxury

Besides the magical clitoral suction and pounding G- Spot stimulation the Nemesis™ futures 9 vibration patterns to those sensitive sweet spots. Sucking and pulsing against the clitoris at one side, the opposite slips into the vagina and comes to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding tissue, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and hard.

The satisfying and flexible silicone shaft makes it easy to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry-for-action G-spot. Made of body-safe silicone, it is super-soft, hygienic,nonporous. The Nemesis™ is slightly phallic at the tip and ready to make love to your sweet G!

Nemesis™ Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is conveniently USB rechargeable, for elevated ecstasy wherever you want it, powering up fully in about 1.5 hours. A full charge will run pressure waves and vibration for up to 60 continuous minutes.

Private Package: Nemesis™ will be shipped to you with discreet package, no one knows what you get.

Revolutionary suction technology

The Nemesis™ clit vibrator comes with 9 vibration modes and 9 suction modes, including multiple power levels and pulsating patterns. One button in the base controls the vibration, and the other button handles the suction. Simply press the button to start playing and switch different modes. USB rechargeable.Just like sex, you should start off slow and gentle to help set the mood and give your body time to adjust.

Unique 2 in 1 vibrator​ Multifunction

Nemesis™Clitoris & G Spot Stimulator is 2 toys in one – and ready to give you so many amazing experiences, too! Pamper your clitoris with all the different kinds of sucking it loves. And satisfy your G- Spot with orgasmic pounding vibrating pleasures.

Waterproof Design

The vibrator is IPX7 waterproof that makes the massager easy to care for and clean for long-lasting enjoyment.

High Quality Silicone

The sucking vibrator is made primarily from 100% body safe soft and durable silicone, a hypoallergenic and easy to clean material.

USB Charging

The stimulator is rechargeable and can run up to 60 minutes fully charged. A USB cable is included that plugs below the clitoral stimulator. Click here to shop

Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

Swan couples vibrator with remote. Couples intamacy sex toy

The Swan is a premium couples massager that is worn by women when making love to a partner. It can also be used for solo play by women or in couples play to tease and satisfy each other with. Bring excitement back into the bedroom or enjoy private public play for the adventures couples.

The Swan : bringing extreme pleasure and orgasmic vibrations to both partners. The Swan adds even greater intimacy to lovemaking with amazingly powerful and silent vibrations.

The Swan has 12 different vibration functions to be explored with a simple touch of the push buttons. Varying from titillating pulsations to a single speed buzz, there’s plenty of stimulating options for you and your partner to enjoy.

Select your favourite vibration setting or combination and insert the thinner curved end inside the vagina, bending the larger extension so that it sits externally against the clitoris.

The Swan can also be used for anal play due to the shape and flexibility.

Operated by remote control or at the touch of a button, its 12 modes guarantee incredible sensations in the simplest package, and it can even be charged via a USB port for more convenience on those romantic getaways. Meanwhile, fully waterproof versatility adds excitement to the shower or hot tub and ensures safe and easier cleaning.

The Swan comes presented in a beautiful gift box and USB charging cable and Adult Luxury’s 1 year warranty included.

Always use this couples vibrator with a generous amount of water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury for best results!

Click here to shop Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator

Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator adult luxuryEmbark on an intense erotic encounter with the Adult Luxury’s Vibrating Exotic Panties from our Premium Whistle Collection. Slip the exotic vibrator onto your pearl, then pass the control to your lover and let them pleasure you with the 12 speeds and 8 patterns.

Whisper-quiet and remote controlled, the panty vibrator offers utter discretion even on the strongest tier of sensation. Relax into bliss as your lover flicks through the settings from up to 12 meters away.

A small opening in the back of the case can fit the width of the USB cable for discreet charging.

Adult Luxury is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by top sex toy manufactures with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

Click here to Shop the: Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator

Affinity Couples Vibrator

Affinity Couples Vibrator
The Affinity Couples Toy From Secret Lover is a bendable shape that conforms to any body shape and is essentially four sex toys for the price of one—a clit stimulator, G-spot seeker, couples sex toy, penis pleaser, and combination shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time, you choose what you are in the mood for!
With powerful motors the toy vibrates in full length both sides for multiple stimulation points and has different vibrating modes and patterns to choose from.
It also comes with a remote control, for couples to enjoy or for a solo session to make things more comfortable.
The Affinity Couples Vibrator, is basically the ideal addition to both foreplay and intercourse with a partner, as well as for solo time. The inspiration for the innovative design originated from the best selling couples ” fish’ shape intimate toy. To improve on other couples sex toys in this category it has a thicker head for more stimulation to her and a bendable body to make it custom fit for everyone! Shop Now : Click here

IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties

IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties Adult luxury
This completely Remote controlled rechargeable vibrating lace panties with an insertable bullet that delivers intense G-Spot stimulation to the wearer. Soft lace hugs and flatters as the hidden rechargeable bullet nestles against your clitoris for top-secret vibration elation that’s remote control operated.

A hidden pocket in the crotch of the lace thong holds the included 10 x function mini vibrator, positioned into a tiny saddle for comfortable and discreet stimulation. Remote control operable up to a range of 10 meters for fun.

Experience 3 speeds and 7 functions of vibration that’ll leave you gasping. Shop Now : Click here

Satisfier Climax Remote Control Cock Ring

Penis Vibrator Adult Luxury
New Arrival: Click here to shop

Mr. Satisfyer

Mr. Satisfyer couples vibrator with remote clit an gspot stimulator
What’s so special about it? Ohhhhh boy, a lot of things. Get this – the shaft on this thing you can rotate inside your partner to make them scream from pleasure! Use it in her pleasure hole with the flat part against her clit while you penetrate her, or rotate it around to give her a internal orgasms and external stimulation of the anus.
Alternatively rotate it for some anal play while the other half of the vibe stimulates the vigina. Use it for couples fun or exiting solo play. I bet you haven’t found a dick that can do that yet, eh? Plus, it buzzes two areas with 9 different ways AT THE SAME TIME. Vibrations for solo players or vibrations for both partners at the same time!
Mr. Satisfyer can also be used for foreplay. For many couples, erotic foreplay can be as exciting as intercourse itself. The benefit of foreplay before sex is increased arousal, which leads both partners to desire penetrative intercourse. Use the vibe over her breast or to tease her clit. Alternatively hold the vibe in the palm of your hand while you stroke your partners penis.
On top of all this, your partner can control the strength and vibration pattern and speed. Oh, and it’s waterproof, so you can play in the tub. AND it runs for a mind-blowing 3 hours. Phew. I’m just gonna say it now: throw out all your other toys, Mr. Satisfyer is here! Click here to shop

Aphrodite® Couples Panty Vibrator

Aphrodite® Couples Panty Vibrator
Experience climactic self-gratification without moving your hands using our Premium Aphrodite® Couples Vibrator.
The Aphrodite® Wireless Remote Control Vibrator can be used for couples fun or solo play. It can be used as a wearable panty vibrator or as a g-spot and clitoris vibrator by it self.
Feel a curvy and realistic silicone phallus massage your G-spot, while its ergonomically-shaped base stimilates your clitoris. Our Premium Aphrodite® Vibrator is all about bringing comfort and orgasmic pleasure to your precious pussy. Not only does it have a soft and cushy base, but it also has a penis-shaped phallus.
This wavy shaft has a realistic glans intended to rub and massage your sensitive G-spot. Simultaneously, the panty-shaped base has a clitoris massager. This vibrator has two powerful motors, one is inside the penis-like insertable shaft, and the other is in the clitoris massager.
There are no dull moments spent with this pleasure-giver.
Not only does it have ten different vibration frequencies, but it also heat-up to your own body temperature. You can enjoy its natural temperature that simulates the feel and warmth of an authentic penis.
Control the vibration settings, by using the round wireless remote control, which has a distance capacity of up to 32 feet. But why does it need to have that much distance capacity, you might ask? That’s because this feature also allows you to give the control to your partner, let the games begin!
Whether you intend to use it during your precious me-time, or you want to share a titillating moment with your partner, you can rest assured that this vibrator will not disturb you. All thanks to its quiet motors. There’s no need to worry about running out of batteries because this vibrator has a built-in rechargeable battery.
Whether you’re into the idea of handing the controls to your partner or just drawing out a long foreplay solo sesh on a random night alone, wearable underwear vibes are def worth adding to your sex-toy rotation.
It’s okay to indulge, especially if it’s for your sexual pleasure and personal happiness. Set this up into your cart now! Click here to shop

Rock Hard Cock Master With Remote Control

Rock Hard Cock Master With Remote Control adult Luxury couples sex toys
The Rock Hard Cock Master is a great option for couples who love penetrated vaginal or anal sex. The cock ring will make the penis firmer, bigger and will help men who struggle to keep a erection or those suffering from Erectile dysfunction ( ED) The vibrations give your partner extra sensations and stimulation, on the clit and the g- spot at the same time.
This incredible male enhancer cock ring toy comes with 9 vibration modes to please your partner in earth-shattering orgasmic ways. Slip it on your penis before having sex with your partner and see her climax to new heights. Or use it as a clit vibrator for foreplay while taking the power in your hands by the push of the remote control. Click here to shop
Click here to view all the couples sex toys from Adult Luxury.

The Climax® Couples VibratorThe Climax® Couples Vibrator

Premium Unisex Couples Remote Control Vibe!

Like nothing you have ever experienced before. Voted one of the best Couples Sex Toys of this year!

This unique futuristic Couples Toys is one of the first sex toys ever that was designed to satisfy both male and female at the same time with two functional vibrator sex toys in corporated in one unique design.

This will be your go to toy as a couple once you have tried it. Endless nights of fun and orgasms for both partner’s.

Slip the vibrator in her pleasure hole or anus and stick your cock into the middle of the two peace vibrating ” cock holders and enjoy heavenly vibrations while she gets satisfied like never before !

Take power play to another level by giving one partner the remote control to operate and satisfy both partners on demand.

Enjoy orgasmic couples play with this futuristic couples remote vibe. Click here to shop

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